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TIME.com was in a process of building an image library for their new online lifestyle section motto.time.com. The new section aimed at millennial women and to share tips/advice from the worldĄŻs influentials as well as editors from TIME. The client required images that would focus more on conceptual look and feel under various subjects such as body image, career success, parenting, relationship, money and happiness etc.



Bata & Batuta is owned by a couple who grew up worlds apart but share similarity in their childhood of growing up with few toys. With every purchase that Bata & Batuta receives, another toy is donated to a child in need. I was approached by Bata & Batuta to create photographs incorporating their toys. I decided to emphasise the character of each toy and relate these characters to children and their world of playing and imagination. Based on Bata & Batuta’s childhood experience with toys, I focused on simple plays and using common play things that are most likely to be accessible to any child.